February 27, 2020

Cable IPTV Clients to Competition and Customer Service

By Andrew

Year after year for the last decades we have complained about cable television services. We were told they would be there next week between 8 am when we phoned them. That meant we would have to take the day from work to sit at the house and wait for the cable guy to come because if we were not there when they came we would need to reschedule and wait another week. Cable was King. No need was felt by cable television companies. Clients had no choice.  Suddenly the local Phone Company is promoting a service that is competitive. It is named IPTV. AT and T sells Verizon and Uverse sell FiOS. These services are good quality and give much more in characteristics that they are currently winning customers. First the cable Television companies began offering telephone service over the web and they won customers. The reverse is happening as telephone companies are currently winning company.


Is not competition a Stunning thing?

Competition is good for companies, clients and everyone. The quality enhances. It lowers the cost. Innovation increases. Customers begin to love what the company does rather than whine about it. Investors love this in the market. It is healthy. The cable has been seen by us Clients are won by television businesses from phone companies. Now we are seeing clients of their own to the local phone companies. This was expected. I have been saying for the past several years that 10 to 20 percent of the clients on each end will immediately give their business to one side or another. As soon as the middle is fought the battle comes. Look at what we are currently seeing so far. The cable television industry knows they have a problem. They are advertising their responsiveness. They say they will be there faster when you want them and give some hour window to you. That is a turnaround for the cable television market.

The reason is competition. If you go and are able to leave to the competitor if you are not pleased the company takes care of you. AT and T, Verizon, Qwest, Direct¬†iptv and Dish Network are the opponents that are changing the business and forcing the cable television companies to improve. Well the phone Support is given by companies. They began competing with the long distance giants in the 90’s and they won. Verizon and SBC obtained the long distance giants MCI and AT and T. Now they are bigger, more successful and competing with a new threat, the cable IPTV companies. So this is nothing new. We have learned competition is a gorgeous thing. The market has changed. The client is first, not the company like it has been.